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Sunday, October 19, 2014

#Hexagone Crazy

I really love hexie projects and when they find there way to my hands from a garage sale I'm ecstatic. 

Then I simply hand appliqued the antique hexie's onto a lime green background.

 As you can see this is simple piecing, but I feeling frisky and it could be the cooler temperatures!

My table is strewn with scraps and its coming together so well, that I'm waiting to show you more after its all done!

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Inspired by a rug!

As you may remember, I laid out my first hand done primitive style rug several years ago.
And this is my knitted version, wait I think I've seen it.

This is the unique knitted version started in my life by my friend Nola. She is a knitting tool! Very good at it, too, my goodness, we all have our gifts!

I wish this is one of my rugs.

There it is, I knew I had at least one photo of its start.

As you can see this is quite messy, but I have this belief that every first rug done this way, is a bit of a lurch, you know?

But then I happened along this blog and you'll know why I had to say I'm inspired when I left a comment there today.

 Her first rug is stupendous!! If you can, please do pop over and see her gorgeous rug. The post is entitle "Family Rug Finished"

And I learned a few things about how to put together a fine example of what is important in my life, all in a rug. In order the inspired new rug I'd make is one that depicted my life and how the people and events of my life have forever changed me. Like, being a Mom to great men, who once depended on me solely. 

Like the man I married and have had the privilege to know and love, this year we celebrate 30 years of marriage.

Like, how do you describe the growth of a changing landscape has changed me? When I graduated from high school, we had only one computer in the school, interestingly enough found in the Principal's office. I was not computer savvy until into the current 2000's.

Like learning that my way of quilting was popular, who knew?
Who knew that I'd be one of those people who had adapted to meet and grow with technology?

Now, it seems that they are entwined together and we love to share our stuff and dreams of what the next quilt will be like.

If you have read this far, leave me a comment and tell me how a computer has changed your life?

Happy Quilting,

Saturday, October 11, 2014

I'm selling my Babylock Melody machine

I've decided to down size this little beauty is for sale. Nothing is wrong with it, it sews like a dream and its a dream to use the needle threader feature! Plus, this machine is really great on heavier fabrics like the corduroy its sewing in the photo below.

As you know, my back has been called a crappy back and I'm simply doing less sewing and this machine is great for machine quilting. It has an extension that you can add onto the front of the machine to extend the actual quilting area. I used this machine when I made these little beauties below.

This Melody version sews and quilts like a dream. It was purchased at Northern Vacuum in Terrace and if you live in the Northwest area, its a few miles drive to get it maintained. This machine has a self threading tool and thread cutter.

As you can see all the various regular attachments are with this machine,  walking foot, tools for it use, zipper foot, 1/4 inch foot for quilters and various other feet that I don't normally use. This machine also has a nifty cover.

Its got two great manuals with it that explain how to use various stitches and its well worth your investment of $1200.

Its got a digital panel where you choose the stitches you want and it a good buy even if you don't live in the Bulkley Valley. 

If you are interested, leave me a comment with your email address.

Happy Quilting!


Friday, October 10, 2014

FMQ Feathers anyone?

As you know I completed my first finish of this year with Pat's Triangle Quilt and compared to last year, my year is a total winner so far!
 I really had a great time playing with the layouts of Pat's Triangle Quilt and using up fabric that was hard to match up with from the 1980s and earlier.

 As you can see, I really felt brave when I used my flexible carpenters ruler to get a nice curve for the feathers! I know, feathers! And I had not hardly quilted much since spring time of 2013 and even then it was tiny projects at best. Its a blessing to feel better and alive again.

And I'm sure if you can see my feathers are not uniform, you'll might be wondering did I just have a bad day or what? When really, its all relevant to the creation you see as you start onto the quilting of any project. 

I'm sure lots of you have time and days to think and scheme and make decisions on who or how you'll quilt your project. I'm not big on mailing out a treasured quilt top and so out of frugality and common sense, I embrace the movement of Free Motion Quilting.

Embracing any movement allows you the decision making opportunity to be who you are.

The autumn of cooler weather and lots of rain has hit the beautiful Bulkley Valley. Our countryside is littered with the colors of fall.

I'm just doing a few odds and ends today including some hand work on another crazy quilt.

Here comes Santa!

Happy Quilting!


Monday, October 6, 2014

World Blog Hop Introducing a Crazy Quilter

I really pumped to be involved with this World Blog Hop from an invite from Dolores of True Blue Canadian blogger. I've been following Dolores for several years now and encourage you to follow her too!

Its always a little scary and a little wired to be tooting your own horn!

  • I take on way too much for my own good. As was the community project of a very large 7.5 feet across by 5.5 feet down art quilt that celebrates the wonderful Town of Smithers, B.C. I donated this in May of 2013. If any of you are visiting our beautiful valley, you'll see this quilt at the front office of the Town of Smithers.

I have written several patterns and not published them, one of these did get published in the B.C. born and thriving Quilter's Connection magazine with my Snow Town Folk pattern. I'm going to be sharing some more of this interesting and quirky pattern in later posts. If you are an ice fisher person yourself, then this fun pattern will make you laugh!

 I really enjoy the deadlines attributed with quilt a longs and did this quilt with The Elven Garden and Jess. 
This quilt was a pattern by Jen Kingswell.

I have yet to actually machine quilt it yet, so its now on the new 2015 to do list. And some of you may know that I'm an addicted hand stitcher and lots of what I've done is in crazy quilting embellishment.

This little gem participated in the International Quilt Festival and Market that so many of the bloggers I read about did actually attend. This piece is called "Beach House Crazy Quilt" and was completed by me in 2010. You can read more and see close up details of my stitching here. This second link is even more details of the first link.

I have a bucket list for the quilts I'd like to do. One of them the nine patch snow ball quilt. I'm working on these blocks and will post a tutorial on making the quilt when its all done.

I'm playing with modern quilting and do love the anything goes kind of style that modern quilting offers.

I have tried my hand at Thread Painting with this portrait of Sir Alfred Smithers and of course, you can see this portrait in the opening photo of this blog post.

I'm also a budding jewelry maker and really enjoy the hand stitching of woven beaded earrings.

But mostly, if you popped into my home for a coffee and a quilting visit you'd find me busy at something. Often its freezing, canning or eating fish! We love the outdoors and you can see how heavy this fish was?

I knit and crochet and love to refinish furniture. But i think the most that I love to do when I have a chance is to promote Canadian talent!

So first up would the busy mom, crafter, milker and recently leather maker of Emily and she writes from her hideaway about all the many interesting things going on in her life, her little farm and her crafty projects. Please pop over and visit Back to the Craft, this is Emily's work in this photo below. So don't hesitate, go visit Emily! She's probably making home made cheese or something naturally great like that.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pat's Triangle Quilt

Earlier in the days of too little time to sew and quilt, my husband commented that I never seem to finish anything. This may still be true, but every once in a while I do finish something.

These two pieces above were finished up this 2014 and destined for two grand daughters of my friend Myrtle. Finished!

Then there are the various beaded earrings that I've finished and this is again in 2014.

Then of course there is the finished quilt destined for Prince Edward Island. Pat's triangle quilt is really done.

I tried to encourage my husband to remember all the quilts I have completed. But somehow his music called louder and so it goes. I chose a natural colored backing fabric and I will simply write in permanent marker on the back a nice little quilt label, that is still in the making, perhaps today while its raining outside.

I realized that I have some how forgotten to post my "Finished Quilts" on my blog. And I was thinking of doing that in some sort of crazy way. I'll keep you posted as this comes together. Happy Quilting this rainy weekend in the Bulkley Valley of Northern B.C.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Stash -Modern Zippered Pouches

Wow, great prices and easy, friendly delivery. They just felt like the backgrounds I'm looking for my new little Dresden Plates.

You might also remember that I was on a stash purchases fast. I am over it now. 

I have one of those cute little zippered bags I showed in the post "Get in Gear Zippered Pouch" where I used some of my stash. But I'm thinking about Christmas gifts now and these would be perfect for girl friends who sew!

I won a great double zippered pouch from http://cadouri-din-inima.blogspot.ca/2013/07/2-in-1-zippered-pouch.html and I recommend you visit this Romanian wonder of design. The photo below is Geta's Pattern.

This is another pouch pattern that I'm giving this new fun pattern and I'll write up a review of it as I go so you can see it.

So that's what I'm up to today. I'm linking up today with the fabulous T-shirt challenge over at Molli Sparkles.

Have a fabulous day and thank you to all the wonderful readers who have sent email messages to encourage my recovery and continued life with back pain. Words just don't say enough.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Progress on my new Hexie

This is a new project and its still in the process of coming together. I know most quilters start with a plan, perhaps even a sketch or two on graph paper on your IPhone. But I prefer to begin where I am, still desiring the perfect improv quilt.

This is the first one hand appliqued onto a lime green okshot cotton, I believe. Its not linen, but feels strong but softer some how. I'm guessing on the origin of this fabric as it was thrifted from a set of luxury curtains. More later, have a happy day!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Pat's Triangle Quilt is Quilted

I did indeed feel some sense of a renewed pride in my quilting abilities. Enough said, I've had a time readjusting to life with a crappy back.

Pat will  be really happy to know that this is first whole quilt I've made since the Centennial Quilt. And that I've begun to get back into the love of my life outside of hubby's of course :)

Each feather is completely different, more on that in a future post. 

And I did take on this quilt with renewed vision and experimental attitude. 

I fell in love again with Free Motion Quilting, even though its the ONLY quilting I've ever known.

Circles cozy up with barn door triangles.

Oh, yes, squared off edges as I exclusively use a quilted section style of quilting, even before it was popular in blog land. But thanks to bloggers quilting in free motion, I have a community :)

I'm in a groove again and its been many thanks to my followers who have commented even when my posts were less than stellar. Its been a journey and I'm back on the road again!

Happy Quilting folks, talk to you soon, leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my FMQ?

I'm linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pat's Triangles Gone Crazy

Pat's quilt is growing steadily everyday.

I started out traditional and soon was way off course doing my own modern thing. Pat will love it!

This corduroy quilt with the use of men's ties will be up soon in a tutorial

Our son and his girlfriend bought a  home and this is going to their house warming gift with matching curtains. Its a pattern from "Fresh Quilts- Modern Sewing Fun" but its fast becoming my favorite magazine. Its published by Harris Publications. I'm not sure if this magazine is still running or not, nothing on their FB page since fed/14 and I couldn't find it on Harris's magazine listings. It must be tough to be magazines.

This is where I've got to so far and I'm really liking the look of it and soon I'll post the quilting part. This is all for my Sunday, its spiked to a  hot 22 C today and I'm feeling the heat of summer and loving it. Hope your weekend has been great and you got lots of quilting done!

I sure hope that some of you have listened to my home grown playlist of Serena Ryder and enjoyed her talents?