Thursday, April 16, 2015

Great Bear Paleo Bites Review

One day I was shopping in the local V.I. Royal Park Country Grocer and saw this inviting smile. What a lovely woman Tracy Lydiatt is and what a story behind this remarkable healthy eating guru.
Her journey starts in Perth, Australia and I met her in Saanich, B.C. Her main operations now based in Oliver, her web site is informative and inviting as well.

Sorry, this close up is blurred, but you get the logo, really engaging don't you think.

She invited me to try one and I loved them and tried the three brands she had on display. Wow, tasty, not too sweet, but pleasant and chewy. A bite of goodness and the best part is to come, read on.

This Canadian company are really proud to be grain free, vegan and free of wheat-soy-dairy and nuts! (dairy = no butter/no eggs). They hold a gluten-free certification. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Homeward Bound #1

Highway travel out of B.C.'s lower mainland was rainy as we drove into the night.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We see a disabled person and if we know that person, we will say "hello" chat for awhile and move on. But few of us do this simple act of friendliness often enough. Many disabled people live in quiet desperation of loneliness. I worked with challenged children of all races over the years in public school teaching. I became an emphatic listener. I became an advocate.

I feel disabled when walking is difficult and painful. This sciatic nerve pain rules my life. I wasn't born with this disability, it arrived in later life and it doesn't control who I am and what I'm passionate about. I'm one of those people who can dig deep and get my head straight when plans have to be changed or assistance from others is not available. You must simply do this and move on, the quicker the better.

I was having one of those days when the light at the end of the tunnel was far away. I work with my own disability. I have come to accept it and move on. That's the digging I referred to earlier. On this day, I decided to take my cane and visit a close by drive Cordova Bay Mattick's Market. I was looking for a local place to sell my work at and was struck the inquisitive man in the corner.

This interesting thread artist living in Victoria, B.C. had overheard my conversation with the shop owner. His name is Les Chan. His thread art captures your attention right away. His use of imported bold solid colored yarn is brilliant. His planned, organized and stunning style is something else, with an innovative way of stitching must have something to do with it.

He is a hemaplegic person, meaning his use of one side of his body is nonfunctional. His story is so listenable and capturing I don't feel I can do it justice. For more of his personal history I recommend you visit his web site that is listed at the end of the post. 

Please welcome this new, brilliant artist who deserves the world's attention. Art gallery's and buyers beware,  his art is going to be a hot topic very soon.

Les Chan Fibre Artist living in Victoria, B.C.

His supplies are nicely organized, just like a quilter would have, colors morphing into one another.

His UFO pile is something else, I thought my UFO piles were high, his work is ongoing, in process and his style is going catch on, I predict this, yes and so move on, he is brilliant.

His themed series are gorgeous.

He is so engaging and funny. I laughed a lot during this interview. 

Les has many hats, while he is a full time artist, he is involved with the Victoria disability association as well, an active volunteer and emerging artist. Les Chan

I hope you have enjoyed this visit with a new thread artist. Please help this artist gain more exposure by adding a link to a post about his work or add this post to your Google+ page.

Happy Quilting,


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hexie Portable Project

I fell right in love with hexagon quilts made by Karen over at Fairies and Fibres.
 Karen is so generous and helpful, I'd just love to get in the car and do a road trip, really!

But in the meantime, I needed to get some supplies. Alas, my supplies in my temporary studio are a tad lacking. So off I went down the road to this lovely little shop in the Cordova Bay shopping center called "Calico Cupboard" and wow, you'll be surprised when you walk in this shop!

First of all, they use paper bags to package up your purchases!

And then they carefully fold everything into this neat little package. Thanks Suzanne!

And I'm carefully organizing some choice birthday gift for Mr. Goodearthquilting!

Now, getting back to Karen's work with Hexie's.

I really love the work she does by hand on the majority of her quilts. Karen has proven her worth with hexie quilts. I learned about her most recent quilt along Millefiori QAL over at Katje's in one of her posts because I follow her blog.

Mostly, I drool, but this time, I took the leap and brought out my little supply of already made hexagon flowers. 

Thanks to Karen of Faeries and Fibres for the use of these photos.

I knew that if I was going to actually make a hexagon quilt for myself, then I'd better get following some awesome hexie quilters. I keep on reading every single word this new friend of mine writes.

I'm making some changes on what I focus on and Hexie projects are just some of the work I'll be focusing on in the coming months.

When you see the innovative ways that Karen puts her English paper piecing together, you'll see what I mean, her work is transfixing me to another world of tall stone churches and bakery's on every corner. 

I've been squirreling fabric purchases to prevent any husband anxiety about how much fabric I'm bringing back to our summer home on Bulkley River.

Such as this black, gold and pink number from Lakehousedrygoods that the Calico Cupboard sells.

And this Eastern Europe feeling and style of prints. Love them!

And then of course, I'm in love with their Modern fabrics as well.

And I know for sure this butterfly fabric from Windham fabrics already has a home to go to this summer!

I just can see all the fussy cutting I'm in for with this happy print from Moda Fabrics.

So this is where my time is being spent over the summer, stay tuned.

Thanks follower for keeping with me all this months and sometimes years.

I wish you were all just down the road!!

We'd all have tea!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Starting Things into strings....

After the memorial quilt on Sunday, I took a look outside and it was pelting rain, so inside sewing was the course of events for me. I have started a string quilt. Yes, its not too complicated, which is what my brain is saying it needs!

I pressed some of the chunks before cutting them into strips and I began. But I just had to share one more random shot of blooming flowers!!

And cute driftwood bird houses, how cute is that.

When I make a string quilt, I usually do the QAYG method to cover off the FAST way to a finished quilt. This might turn out to be a table runner, but who knows at this point.

So do the QAYG method, you'd need to have squares of backing and batting pre-cut so you can just fly away making up pre-quilted blocks.

Then I lay each new strip down and sew another right beside it until the whole square is covered, then trim to the size of your original square.

Then when its all done on each 5 inch square, then I sew them up like this with double sashing on to make up one finished block.

Are you in love with string quilts, maybe you should pop over to this great little blog dedicated to the art of the string quilts.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

2 Hours of Celtic Music

This is the lovely music filling my ears this rainy Sunday in Victoria. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Quilt Gallery

I have been renovating my blog appearance and making some decisions to allow and solicit sponsorship of my blog.
So this is a change and if you are an online shop looking for a well qualified and dedicated blogger, then please email me.

I'd like to again remind you that I'm not at all sure that I've got everything that I've ever done, but as I find more images, then I'll add them into this page.

Please take a look at My Quilt Gallery.

And to let you know that I've been doing lots of thinking about what I write and why and thread painting is very popular and I'm going to do more of thread painting in the methods I used for making the portrait of Sir Alfred Smithers for Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt.

Happy Quilting,


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blog Appearance Renovation & Fashion Competition

Hello Readers,

I bet you are wondering what "blog appearance renovation & Fashion Competition" are doing together in the same blog? 

I admit I have been checking out the fashions of Gudron Sjoden of Sweden for quite some time, but didn't order for fear of spending money on fashions that perhaps were not quite "Me."

I'm sure you know what I mean?

Not much of a fashion statement, right?

 But as I get older, I want my fashions to be more colorful and comfortable clothing that speaks to the women in me. 

This, I think is the clothing found on Gudrun Sjoden's website and shop.

Plus, to be completely honest, my blog needed a complete overall and so today, I'm letting you know that the various changes to my Good Earth Quilting blog are for you to comment on, so that I can get other perspectives, you know?

This lovely top is one I'd love to have. You'll find this and many more beautiful fashions and the competition.

The Spring Competition is a real fling, its worth $1500 USD of merchandise from Gudrun Sjoden's website.

This is the deal, you go to this website above and check out her fashions, write up a description of the most memorable vacation you've taken and what would you wear from Gudrun Sjoden's shop to take with you.

I recommend you read the details of the competition found here.

What you are waiting for? Go to it and have some fun. This is not a paid endorsement of this website in any way, just something I found and thought of you, all my girlfriends who love to sprinkle a few nice pieces of these eco-friendly fashions into your spring wardrobe.

Now, onto my renovations on this blog; please bear with me as I make the changes. And please forgive my grammar.

Happy Quilting Friends!