Crazy Quilting Community

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Early last winter, I decided to check into the Google + communities and was surprised to find no one had started a page for crazy quilting. And so, that is how I became an owner of this community- Crazy Quilting Community.

Now, onto the reason why I started the community?

I have spent loads of time looking around and seeing who is doing what. I have come to find some dedicated crazy quilters and many of them are doing lots of gorgeous embroidery. For me, its all about the embroidery. Really it is. But embellisment is really a super individual choice on what is used and how. I tend to gravitate towards those crazy quilts with more hand embroidery than frilly embellishments.

I know you'll love joining up and posting on my new Crazy Quilting Community Page.

And its growing so fast, its amazing how fast one of these grew really!

So some small rules are in place. I didn't want to restrict people from sharing what they are working on, but I didn't want it to clutter up like a marketplace page. So make sure your posts are not to market your stuff. If someone is in awe of your work they can find out by searching an image, so don't put "for sale" anything on this community, please.

Also, if you are not a maker of crazy quilts, by all means please do join. We all love to read kind comments from people from all over the world, so do join me there and post your work, even if its a tiny project.

Frugal Tips from Louise

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Louise is my frugal friend and has lots of great ideas to recycle, reuse and remake. From time to time, I'll be posting her frugal tips here on my blog, leave me comments because Louise follows my blog and she will read it. Thanks!
Louise writes: While I was emptying out a bag of perogies into the pot of water just a few minutes ago, then washing, turning the bag inside out and then putting it over a wine bottle standing near the sink to dry....I was thinking that maybe you could use another handy hint.
 Kids going back to they even take lunches any more?  If they do, do their parents spend money on wax paper for the sandwiches?  You know, a bag like the above would work well, or even the bags that cereal is packed in. A penny here, a penny there, it adds up, but even more important, it will change a person's thought process to being less of a throwaway consumer.

Wise words Louise!
Louise continues:
By the way, somebody was impressed with my food scraper.  She likes it better than the one she bought.  It is made from a large plastic lid off a margarine tub.  Just cut it in half, and you have two of them.  So when you chop onions or peppers, it is easy to scoop them up and by pressing into the middle with your thumb, you can pour dry stuff into the smallest container.  Try it.
I did give this a try and its making a new home in my kitchen. Very hand for scraping up the last minute peices of onions etc. Good thinking!

Thanks so much Louise!

Pantry Time in My House

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello my friends from all over the world. 

I'm at the time of year that I wrap up the garden. In the Bulkley Valley, the rains have begun and chilly weather is tempting me to light up the woodstove

This means the last of jams or pickles being made. Mr. GEQ loves his homemade bread and its so easy to do with my KitchenAid machine that takes the kneading right out of it.

Mr.GEQ suggested I enter my bread into the local Fall Fair, but he forgot that we were fishing that week. So I'll leave that for my friend of the Quick W.I. who make fabulous bread too!

I made up a Banana Cake and froze it for Mr. GEQ who is a slim as a tall drink of water and can eat all of it.

Apple Rhubard Jam. If you want to give it a try, search for this title online, many versions are available.

Carli's Mixed Pickle that brings a cheer to the dinner table its so popular!

My pantry shelf is beginning to fill up.

And last but not least, I'm preparing a Hexie project for the All Points Patchwork Book Tour later on in September.

I'm having fun getting more daring with English Paper Piecing. 

Happy Quilting Everyone!

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